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"My passion is photography and when it comes to my work I am a perfectionist. I'll do whatever it takes to get the shot I have in mind; whether it's fording the stream, hiking the cliff, leaving earlier, staying later, etc. Like most artists, I love the creative process. I enjoy creating photographs that are inspirational and intriguing, emotional and just simply amazing. I'm very fortunate to have parents that raised me in an environment that encouraged creativity and allowed me to experience the outdoors, play many sports, and travel to some really cool places at a young age. It was these experiences during my childhood when I was snowboarding, fishing, and backpacking throughout the wonderful state of California that molded my view of the natural world and sparked my lifelong interest in recording the special moments that caught my eye. I hope you enjoy my work."

Ryan Daffurn — Photographer

Fine-Art, Commercial, Freelance, Stock

Landscape, Adventure, Sports, Portraiture, Travel, Architecture, Product

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